Wolfgang Muircastle

Full Name: Wolfgang Niklaus Loewenstein-Griggs
Known Aliases:Wolfgang Muircastle
Known Relatives: Sergeant Griggs (father); Annechen Lowey (Mother); Alexandra Belfire (aunt, deceased); Aeofe Belfire (grandmother); Amarantis Belfire (sister)
Occupation: Student
Current Home: Kittiwickshire, Caledon and Harborside, Steelhead

Wolfgang was born aboard the BLS Castle Wulfenbach. He broke through in the school at age 8, demonstrating he gifted with the Spark (extraordinary scientific inspiration). Careful monitoring and guidance has averted major property damage. When his mother was first transferred to assist the Baron in the new dimension where Steelhead is found, he was enrolled in the Muicastle Maximum Security Preparatory School in Edinburgh. He was transferred to the Consulate school in Steelhead after the incident of the rocket-propelled cattle.

In the autumn after his transfer, he was attacked by a wolf during a school field trip into the mountains near Steelhead.

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