Velesjaeger Munster

Name (current): Veles
Known Aliases: VelesJaeger Munster
Known Relatives: In theory, all the other Jägermonsters; unknown wife; battle-gestalt daughter Amarantis Belfire; adopted daughter Caladon Rae
Place Of Birth: unknown village about a day's ride outside Mechanicsburg
Occupation: Captain in the Jägermonster Corps
Current Home: Steelhead Harbourside


~ 15th century farm boy who rebelled against the "family business"
~ 15 years old when Vlad Heterodyne born
~ ran away from the farm and worked as an apprentice blacksmith for a time in his late teens
~ married young, no children who lived, first wife died in childbirth
~ with his wife gone, he left his old life and joined the military
~ became a Sergeant fairly quickly; avoided any further promotions for a long time by keeping his head down
~ 30-y-o Sergeant of the Castle Guard when Vlad started breaking out as a Spark, beginning his experiments with potions and earning the name "the Blasphemous"
~ 36-y-o when Vlad chose him as part of the latest batch of "victims" – a painful process, but he survived becoming a Jagermonster
~ transferred to the Wulfenbach Consular Mission to the Steamlands of SL
~ chosen as Vice Consul Frau Annechen Lowey's bodyguard, a duty he takes very seriously
~ finally failed to avoid notice long enough to be made Captain
~ Very fond of cats of all sizes, feels a kinship to hunters-in-the-night (also like a cat he values his luxuries, mostly because they've been so rare over the years)
~ Prefers form-fitting clothing to anything loose that might get caught on things and rip during fighting or running. Grumbles when ordered into full dress uniform.
~ Crazy sense of humour, as evidenced by things like riding cannonballs (over and over and over), and The Trick Chairs Incident with the Baron.
~ Identifies very strongly (on some sort of level) with the old Trickster God tales, from whatever tradition.
~ He is very well read, for all that he travels light, and does not carry a physical library with him. Good memory, and an interesting storyteller.
~ The only reason he does not like to "dress up" is it is very hard to find formal wear that will accommodate his fighting style. He does like to look good.
~ He dislikes being in situations where someone he cares about is hurt and he is not able to help. He hides this whenever possible with humor and rare doses of machismo.
~ He does not care to knit.
~ enjoys fencing, dancing, gardening, and Kipling.
~ tendency toward formal, structured terms of address, defaulting to Miss or Herr/Mister for most people; uses first names for other Jagers and people he considers friends; uses last name only for male "comrades in arms" among non-Jagers; his odd sense of humour sometimes comes out in how he addresses certain individuals (examples: Herr Duke Drop Bear for Edward Pearse; Herr Emperor Ambassador Cookieboy Squid for SteelCobra Calamari)

Distinguishing Features

~ deep teal-green skin
~ long bright lime hair
~ large violet cat-eyes (vertical slit pupil, no whites)
~ fangs (classical elongated canines)

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