The Silver Poison

"Silver Poison" was the first storyline for the Steelhead Adventures series. It was featured in The Ortega Chronicles, the blog of Fuzzball Ortega.

The Story: A year after Sheriff Ortega's nemesis, Jobias Barthelmess, had been spotted in various places in the Independent State of Caledon, Purdie Uggla, the Time Lord cousin of Fuzzball Ortega, began having images and words appear on his slightly psychic paper (an apparently blank prop kept in a wallet or travel pass holder. It allows those holding it to show people whatever they want to see on the card). The words "Silver Poison", "Death Of Law", "Caledon Uninhabitable", "One True Master", and "Look to boB" continued to appear, and he started to investigate.

A short time later, it had been revealed that someone had fired silver tipped bullets at the home of the Sheriff, an act which caused an uproar amongst the citizens of Steelhead City. Fuzz was unable to catch the scent of the would be assassin, as the person had used mistletoe (one of the few plants known to throw off a Lycan's senses) to cover his track. TotalLunar Eclipse had suggested that Fuzz sit the investigation out, but the sheriff refused, opting to investigate and find the culprit.

Meanwhile, Purdie continued his research, with the assistance of Darien Mason's Neko son, Koen. Purdie was hoping that the quick healing powers that Fuzz possessed, due to being descended from a Time Lord, would be of help to Fuzz if he was shot with a silver bullet. Unfortunately, his experiment proved that if shot, especially in the heart, it would mean his death. Purdie then sent a telegram to Fuzz's sister, Angelica Trescothick, for assistance.

Lunar, in hopes of preventing any silver in Steelhead from being used to harm Fuzz, ordered all silver to be collected and placed within the vaults of Steelhead City. The entire town was on edge. The Jaeger's had taken the duty of helping the nuns with the protection of Steelhead. Purdie installed a special window in Fuzz's office that was damage proof (something that was proven by Tensai's attempts). In the Steeltopia Embassy, Emperor Calamari was explaining the details to his newest ambassador, who turned out to be Jobias Barthelmess. In a conversation with the town eccentric, Old boB Ballyhoo, Fuzz was told that he hadn't changed a bit. Something that Fuzz had found puzzling, even for boB.

Angelica arrived in Steelhead to be there for her brother. Purdie had given Lunar a journal he had written, explaining his visions he had been seeing. Each vision he had, he was an unseen observer as he witnessed possible future events. Each event coincided with the words that appeared on the slightly psychic paper:

Silver Poison: Fuzz is shot by an unseen assailant. Despite being an unseen observer, old boB is able to see and converse with Purdie, telling him that it's only the beginning.

The Death Of Law: The silver poison manages to kill the sheriff of Steelhead. Purdie witnesses the funeral, attended by many important people from around the Steamlands. Fuzzball's father asks if Barthelmess has been arrested, saying that everyone knows that it was him. Purdie finds boB standing next to him, telling him that it doesn't get any better.

Caledon Uninhabitable: Purdie witnesses Oolon Sputnik, Professor Alfonso Avalanche, and others enter Purdie's TARDIS. Purdie then sees his lifeless body on the floor, a result of radiation poisoning. An emergency hologram transmission of Purdie appears, stating that several villains were in a power struggle for Caledon, resulting in the detonation of a powerful weapon. The weapon released radiation that would make life in all of Caledon impossible. What few refugees that survived were living on Steam Sky City, looking for a new home, but unable to, due to radiation poisoning in some citizens and the fear of it spreading. Only Steelhead City offered a place for the refugees, including the protection. It was soon revealed that Jobias Barthelmess had somehow won the US Presidential election. boB stood next to Purdie mentioning that many thought the Bush boys were bad.

One True Master: The dark vision of the future continued as Purdie found himself in a prison camp for non-humans. The worst monstrosity that Purdie had witnessed was the coldblooded way that Jobias had murdered Lunar Eclipse. Not wanting to see anymore, boB regretfully said that there was more to see.

Look To boB: The final visions Purdie had witnessed was the destruction of Steelhead City, as Tensai Hilra refused to turn the city over to anyone, and the death of Jobias at the hands of Kattrynn Severine. It was then revealed that boB that had been talking to Purdie was not the looney old man, but more of a spirit of sorts, showing what could happen to the world if the course of events played out. Purdie had thought that if he prevented Fuzz from being shot, the course of events won't happen. boB said that many of the events could be prevented, but Fuzz still gets shot.

Fuzz continued to bump into citizens who were always close by, hoping to protect the sheriff from harm. A body of a demon was found under the docks, a messenger from Bloodwing, who was to give Fuzz a gift to help him from being harmed. The gift was never found, as Jobias had murdered the demon and taken the gift, a magic cup which would null the effects of poison. Fuzz managed to ease the minds of the citizens as he took several guns to Severine Valley and all watched as he did some target practice, reminding all that he was capable of protecting himself.

Later that evening, Fuzz had explained to Purdie a plan to catch the culprit. One that was going to be quite dangerous on Fuzz's part. To help Fuzz, Purdie placed a bit of TARDIS technology inside Fuzz's pocketwatch, a perception filter. Later that night, Fuzz walked out on his front porch and was shot. Lunar ran to the porch as Purdie's TARDIS materialized there. Purdie ordered Lunar to help him get Fuzz into the TARDIS. Asking Lunar to trust him, the TARDIS left Lunar behind.

At the town meeting, Purdie returned explaining that Fuzz was safe, but not revealing where Fuzz was kept. boB stumbled forward saying that Doc Caruthers will take care of Fuzz, then reminded that Doc Caruthers had perished during the great flood of '45. When he was alone with Lunar, Tensai, Darien, and Lady Christine McAllister-Pearse, Purdie explained the next step in Fuzz's plan.

The following evening, Angelica was attacked by Jobias Barthelmess, who was acting crazed and putting a silver dagger to her throat. The nun on night patrol, Sister Christian, came up, causing Jobias to run off into the shadows. As Angelica explained to Lunar, Darien, Dogg Food, Lady Christine, and Mother Superior what had happened, Tensai Hilra entered, bruised and beaten, stating that Jobias had better HUD's than she does.

As angry citizens shared their feelings in town hall after the incident, Jobias entered the room. Acting arrogant and over-confident, he threatened to burn the town down if the sheriff was not brought to him. Darien Mason walked up to Jobias and slapped him with his glove, challenging the villain to a duel, which Jobias accepted, telling Darien to meet him in front of the hotel in one hour. In the town hall foyer, Old boB stumbled to Purdie and said, "December 12, 1845". Telling a citizen that boB's just rambling, Purdie hurried off.

In front of the hotel, Darien stood, gun in hand, ready to defend the honor of Steelhead, Miss Katt, and his friend, Sheriff Ortega. Unfortunately, Jobias was a quicker draw and shot Darien in the arm. As he aimed his gun to finish the job, Purdie's TARDIS appeared behind Darien. Purdie stepped out of the time ship and told Jobias that someone wanted to speak with him. Everybody watched as a very healthy and very angry Fuzzball Ortega stepped out, angry at Jobias for threatening his sister.

It was revealed that the perception filter did work, Jobias aimed for Fuzz's heart, but the bullet had hit Fuzz in the left side of his chest. Purdie had to get Fuzz to safety, where Jobias couldn't find him, and had decided that the safest place for Fuzz was in the town before Steelhead, Ambertown in 1845. There, Fuzz was cared for by Doc Caruthers, the town doctor, with the assistance of a young man named Robert Ballyhoo. Fuzz also revealed that he had received a letter from the Devil Crag's Prison, explaining that Jobias was delusional, suffering from paranoia and schizophrenia. Fuzz had been working out the best way of flushing Jobias out, even if it meant getting shot. After taking Fuzz to safety, Purdie had explained the plan to Lunar, Tensai, Darien, and Lady Christine. Despite what he had thought, Tensai was not defeated, but merely faked the defeat.

Three airships, piloted by the henchmen of Jobias, fired tesla cannons (cannons that fired bolts of lightning) at the citizens. Jobias grabbed Lady Christine and was lifted up to one of the airships. Leaving two of the airships for Tensai to destroy, Fuzz transformed into lycan form and quickly climbed up the top of Avalanch, Lightfoot, and Sputnik and leaped onto the airship. After tossing the henchmen overboard, Fuzz and Jobias fought on the airship. Jobias fired a cannon, which missed Fuzz, but hit the airship, causing it to burn. As the fire spread throughout the ship, Fuzz grabbed Lady Christine and leaped off the ship, landing on top of Sushi the Whale. The airship exploded over the ocean, but no body was found. It was believed that Jobias was probably swept out to sea and drowned.

Special Note: This was the first appearance of the Sisters, who are the deputies of Steelhead City.

In the visions of the possible future, Old bob Ballyhoo explained to Purdie that many races and species are in this particular universe due to the the beings known as The Lindens conducting a great experiment. This parallel's what Linden Lab did when they created the Second Life virtual world. The Lindens are mentioned a second time, this time as the name of a newspaper "The Linden Times", apparently, Fuzz writes a lot of nasty letters to the paper's editor.

Sub Plot: A subplot of the story had Hotspur O'Toole getting too close to discovering Jobias being behind the attempt on Fuzz's life. Jobias had Hotspur abducted and given to the Dark Ocean Society. This led to the story "Return To Fusang".

Lack Of Continuity: Fuzz claimed his tribal name was "Silverbane". It is, in fact, "Fenris' Bane". No explanation was given as to why the confusion, other than the writer just being damned lazy.


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