The Mysterious Note by Dr Ryne Beck

The Story: A routine trip to Steelhead’s town hall leads the doctor into mortal peril as he follows a mysterious note to the zombie infested sewers of New Babbage.

Players: Ryne Beck.

Links to other tales: None. This was Ryne’s first tale.

Notes: This was a tale drawn from disparate beginnings – Lunar had left a note in the town hall that led to the newly opened Slade shop just outside, only I didn’t know there was a new shop outside and my searches led to Slade’s shop in New Babbage Clockhaven. At the time of my fruitless explorations New Babbage was in the grip of an undead epidemic and I ran into (quite literally!) a couple of the foul beasts in the sewers. When I came to tell the tale of the mysterious note, I found my story began to weave the zombies and New Babbage in more than I’d ever expected…

Link to Story Archive: The Mysterious Note is here on my blog and here on the Ning.

Dates: October 2009 to November 09.

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