The Lost Journal by HeadBurro Antfarm & Jeremiah Mason

The Story: When a leather-bound journal washed up on the shores of HBA Island, a terrible chain of events was set in motion. The journal purported to be that of an archaeology Professor from Miskatonic University who had led an ill-fated trip to a remote tropical island. The expedition was massacred and an ancient evil released. Seventy years later, HeadBurro Antfarm posted (via Sally the crab) the curio to Dr Darien Mason only to have it intercepted by the doctor’s father Jeremiah.

Jeremiah sent word in return that Antfarm should meet him on the island mentioned as they would have to stop the evil from escaping. Before he left to meet Mason, Antfarm entrusted Sally with the launch codes for a thermo-nuclear warhead he had somehow acquired.

Over on the island they two men found the evil described as The Leviathan in the journal and they planned to destroy it with a combination of dynamite and magick. However, before they could lay the explosives the degenerate island natives attacked and kidnapped Antfarm with the intention of sacrificing him and using whatever power resided within his backpack to open The Levianthan and allow the evil waiting beyond into the world.

Meanwhile, back on HBA Island, Sally fought bravely with an octopus and launched the missile just in time and at the apparent cost of her own life.

In the jungle, a desperate struggle against the clock was taking place as the two men fought to seal The Leviathan before the natives killed them or the nuclear missile landed.

With Antfarm injured, drugged and out cold, Mason struck a deadly deal with the capricious spirit called The Elemental within Antfarm’s backpack. He heroically managed to destroy the temple & seal The Leviathan moments before impact but when The Elemental opened an escape route, the price demanded turned out to be Mason’s life.

Antfarm escaped and fell unconscious and dying onto the floor of Eugenia Burton’s room…

Players: HeadBuro Antfarm, Jeremiah Mason, Darien Mason, Sally the Crab, The Elemental, The Leviathan.

Links to other tales: The Elemental and the tale of HBA's backpack is told in Backpacking Burro. What happened to HBA is to be told in Lost and Found

Notes: Obviously the nuke is not 19th century technology, but neither is the magick scroll used to seal The Leviathan. The death of Jeremiah was written in to take into acount Darien Mason leaving SL and was done with his blessing and input.

Link to Story Archive: The Lost Journal is found here on HBA's Blog

Dates: May 2009 to June 2009.

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