The Clash with Armada Breakaway

The Armada Story Arc


This was a series of stories and one battle between the Fleet of Wrath Exiles and the pirates of Armada Breakaway, a fantastical structure floating in the ocean, made of the detritus of shipwrecks.

Most of the narrative sequence is contained in written format, on Hibernia on the Skids (with supporting material on the Armada NING). Here are the individual posts

Piracy on the High Seas: Encounter between Armada and an anti-piracy patrol of the Wrath Fleet, led by LCDR Dorien Lamunda, a junior officer. The Armadans are approached under a flag of truce and they quickly get the drop on Lamunda's patrol. He loses a ship.

Prepare the Riposte: Word gets back to Fleet Headquarters at Port Merrimac, and the Commodore is justifiably concerned about the loss of the ship and the wounding of crewmen.

In Infiltration, the Commodore reconnoiters Armada in civilian gear.

The Court Martial of LCDR Dorian Lamunda: The patrol remnants return to Port Merrimac, LCDR Lamunda appears before a court martial to answer charges for losing a Wrath Fleet Ship. The popular young officer from the islands is exonerated with a reprimand and docking of one month's pay, to the general cheering of the younger officers.

The Punishment Fleet: A large force of ironclads assemble with some very hung-over junior officers at the helm. They steam towards the last calculated position of the "Object" (aka Armada Breakway), only to discover that the Object was no longer there, being floating flotsam. Did it hide in the oncoming storm? Or did the reported sea creatures move it to another location? In any event, Commdore O'Toole has CDR Lady Bellambi put together a patrol led by LCDR James Montgomery Messmer to perform a wide patrol. Returning to his cabin in frustration, the Commodore notices an odd letter he had not noticed tucked onto his desk before. Inside, he finds a letter from a very highly placed individual in Armada, with an unusual offer.

The Battle of Althorn Point, Part One: Guns UP! Forward the Attack! LCDR Messmer signals a return home for the wide patrol, fearing depletion of their coal bunkers. He is slightly disgusted that the Armadans prove to be elusive. Suddenly lookouts shout out that an Armadan shore party has been sighted occupying an old citadel on Althorn Point, on Lilliput himself. His officers advise caution, but being reckless and a bit of a glory seeker, he orders the attack anyway.

The Battle of Althorn Point, Part Two: A Hard Fighting Affair: The battle is joined, and it is a near thing. The Armadans have armed sea creatures capable of swarming ironclads from many points, one relatively modern ironclad and brace of shore batteries. The Wraths have a mortar boat and three surface ships. The Wraths win this one by just a hair's breath, losing two ships (one salvagable, the other not). They also lose their commanding officer (Messmer) when one of the two ships has an engine explosion that breaks the back of his ship. The Armadans retreat in ones and twos, and the fleet patrol limps home to deliver the news about the death of Messmer and his crew.

There was a real in world battle in support of this story thread, and the QA/Feedback is posted HERE.

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