Steal Head By Dr Ryne Beck Various

The Story: As Dr Beck returns from New Babbage following the events of Snatched from Steelhead an ancient evil is heading towards the city to begin collecting the heads of the unsuspecting Steelheaders. Soon Dr Beck is surrounded by bodies as the monster stalks the streets of the city and the authorities desperately hunt it down - that is until the doctor himself is taken by the creature and a team of old friends band together to rescue him… but will they be too late?

Players: Ryne Beck and a cast of thousands as many of the city’s populace joined in the fun.

Links to other tales: This tale follows on from Snatched from Steelhead tale and intertwines with both the Mutations tale & the Gang Wars tale.

Notes: This was my first serious attempt at a multi-writer/player RP tale in the city and many folks joined in and played along.

Link to Story Archive: Steal Head is here on HBA's Blog and on the Steelhead Ning. There is a “Story in Full” post as well here.

Dates: June 2010 to July 2010.

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