Snatched From Steelhead By Dr Ryne Beck

The Story: When the New Babbage Militia snatched a wanted criminal from the streets of Steelhead they thought they’d pulled off a perfect crime… but they reckoned without an outraged Steelhead population. Soon a protest threatens to destabilise the fragile peace between Steelhead & New Babbage and Mayor Eclipse dispatches Dr Beck to ensure the health & safety of the prisoner before his trail.

Players: Ryne Beck, Totallunar Eclipse, Mara Razor, Asiko Kuroe, Mayor Tenk, Dr Mason, Baron Wexhome, Blackberry Harvey.

Links to other tales: None.

Notes: The tale never really reached a conclusion as the main parties moved on, but the plan was to have the urchins of New Babbage rescue the guilty Kuroe from the gallows.

Link to Story Archive: Snatched from Steelhead is here on HBA's Blog

Dates: June 2010 to July 2010.

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