Rengerin Skytower

Name (current): Rengerin Skytower
Known Aliases: Greenie; [CLASSIFIED]
Known Relatives: [CLASSIFIED]
Place Of Birth: [CLASSIFIED]
Occupation: student (mentored by Annechen Lowey)
Current Home: Steelhead Harbourside

Rengerin is a teenaged Jaegermonster, which is not documented in the histories of Europa. She has let slip she was exposed to Jägerbraü prenatally. However, she is evasive about her past before reaching Steelhead when asked directly, citing "paradox". This has led some to believe she is a time-traveller. She does not talk about her parents, but has taken to referring to many adults in Steelhead as "Aunt" or "Uncle", the most notable exceptions being her use of full titles for the Managers, Sheriff Ortega, Baron Wulfenbach, Captain Veles and Frau Lowey.
She is a Spark, with her breakthrough occurring before her arrival in Steelhead. Her current status at the Consulate Expatriate School is Head Girl. This is a leadership position, earned by having the highest marks in the senior classes. It is a mix of responsibilities, such as representing the student body, making sure the other students get aid when needed, and helping the faculty in making sure the school as a whole has at least some nodding acquaintance with order.
She is an adept hunter, being a collector of butterflies, and gaining experience as a tracker with occasional patrols with the Jaegerkin. She has also been seen in the company of Amarantis Belfire during investigations, beginning with the explosion that destroyed Mason Labs.
Rengerin has not had a Belting Ceremony, a formal coming-of-age ceremony in Europa. However, she is beginning to attend social occasions in the company of her mentor, Frau Lowey. She is a Jaeger, and thus prefers combat dance forms to the more feminine ballet-like dances when she dances alone.

Distinguishing Features
~ jade-green skin
~ white hair with purple tips (early sightings note her hair used to be a reddish chestnut brown)
~ large violet eyes with a vertical slit pupil
~ minimal fangs

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