The Qlippothic units

This entry will attempt to disambiguate the series of female androids created by the Mason Familiy and stemming indirectly from those events.

Qli-1: Posthumous term for the original Qlippothic (pronounced KLEE-Pawth-ik), first construct built by Dr. Darien Mason (while possessed by Bloodwing) in a hidden laboratory under House Bloodwing in Steelhead. Also referred through several incarnations as thee Firstbuilt.

Qli was installed with a coal-burning backpack engine, complete with rotating gears and twin smokestacks after a critical design flaw in her creation was discovered. She was also known to use a kinetic engine (with a windup key) on occasion. Dr. Mason also integrated his time/space teleportation device, the Galvanic Tesseractor into Qli-1, allowing her to time-travel.

Qli-1 moved her base of operations to Caledon soon after her upgrade due to the plentiful supply of coal and (at the time) higher state of technical advancement.

Lady Darkling Elytis and Baroness Amber Palowakski taught Qlippothic much of these aspects of her awareness. Lady Amber also performed fae magicks on her to make her holistically more human. She developed a circulatory system, a dermal layer and the full range of human emotions.

Being justifiably concerned with fire safety due to the coal engine on her back, she later received permission from Desmond Shang to found the Caledon Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Qlippothic Steel: First thought to be Qli-1 in a state of psychosis, it was revealed that Qli Steel was a time-travelling duplicate that stranded the homeline Qli-1 in the post-apocalyptic Wastelands. The best anyone could figure out through her rantings was that Qli Steel was trying to solidify the Steamlands under an absolute dictator in an effort to strengthen it against a Martian invasion that ravaged the Steamlands of her own timeline. At the moment Darien Mason threw off the Bloodwing Curse, Qli Steel vanished from the timestream, just before she was ready to sabotage a critical event of the Caledon/Neualtenburg War. It is surmised that in Qli Steel's reality Darien never escaped Bloodwing's grasp, meaning Qli Steel's timetable for an Empire of Steel was now impossible for this dimension.

Qli-2: Note that as of December 21, 2007 (RL Time) this avatar was transferred to another player, the same one that plays the android Nova Sakigake. The RP explanation is Nova and Qli were severely damaged in a time traveling accident and returned to Steelhead as a merged being, but only Nova's memories remained. After the GT technology was neutralized, Qlippothic drew upon Nova's knowledge of the Cthulhu Mythos to acquire another time-travel device, the Eye of Yog-Sothoth. Qli's seduction by the Mythos was considered an dangerous liability by Dr. Mason. Qli-2 has apparently been neutralized by the Linden Labs exile of several Mason family members.

Qli-3: The spirit of Firstbuilt reformed from the salvage of Qli-1 and Nova's bodies from the same accident that created Qli-2. Qli-3 changed her name to Gematria after being recruited by Aleister Mason, and kept the name to try and end confusion between her and Qli-3. Gematria is now exiled from the Grid by Linden Labs but now assists Dr. Mason aboard the Clockwork Caravel.

The Steel Units: Qli-3 was replicated into an army of slave constructs by Jeremiah Mason, all of which answered to the name Qlippothic Steel. Although apparently soulless, they attempted to override Jeremiah's programming to prevent the destruction of Earth by the Wormwood comet. The Steel units were apparently all destroyed at new Erebus, but there may be survivors in the space-time continuum.

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