Port Merrimac at Roatan

Port Merrimac is a steampunk themed naval port and headquarters for The Fleet of Wrath Exiles in Second Life. It is located on the extreme edge of the vast Blake's Sea, in the area of Roatan, part of the micronation of Lilliput. The lands of Lilliput are governed by the Autocrat Zatzai Asturias. When the battered remnants of the Fleet of Wrath Exiles emerged in the waters south of Lilliput after passing through a major storm at sea, a battle ensued. After witnessing the Wrath Fleet handily dispatching the pursuing Royal Antiquity Navy fleet, Asturias graciously gave the fleet asylum in their long flight from retribution and scandal in the wake of the "Long Journey of the Wrath Fleet" affair. The Wrath Fleet is now the "Fleet in Being" for the nation of Lilliput. The port boasts a major shipyard, many outbuildings for the fleet, a headquarters building, some ironclad vendors. and a large dock for launching boats. The fleet routinely holds exercises at the port, called Iron Melee Nights. Members of other Steampunk fleets usually in attendance.

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