Mutations By Dr Ryne Beck

The Story: As the web of his past begins to draw around him and shape his future, Dr Beck finds everything slipping out of control. From the appearance of the evil Creaky Gloom, to the cruelty of Shanghai’s criminal gangs and the murderous rampage of Steal Head, Dr Beck’s life becomes only one of the things he stands to loose as his world begins to mutate.

Players: Ryne Beck, HeadBurro Antfarm, Amarantis Belfire, Velvel Danielovich.

Links to other tales: This tale intertwines with Steal Head, Creaky Gloom & Gang Wars.

Notes: This was originally going to be joint tale between Ryne & HBA, but quickly became just about Ryne and stretches through lots of tales.

Link to Story Archive: Mutations is here on HBA's Blog.

Dates: March 2010 ongoing.

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