Mary Haiku

Name: Mary Haiku
Known Aliases: Mara Elisabeta Hâjdău, Pitulicea
Known Relatives: Parents Alesander & Ştefania Hâjdău, siblings, aunties & uncles as listed in most recent census for Hâjdăufermă
Place Of Birth: Hâjdăufermă, a village in a mountain pass near Mechanicsburg
Occupation: magistrate clerk (currently assigned to Assistant Magistrate Annechen Lowey)
Current Home: Steelhead City


Haiku was raised in a small goat-herding village in the Bihor district, the northern part of the holdings of House Heterodyne. At age eight, she convinced her family to send her to the schloss as a government-contracted clerk-apprentice in lieu of tax-tribute in a lean year. Educationally, she had basic reading, writing & accounting, sufficient for running a household or farm, and some broader information as provided by the quarterly visits by the priest overseeing instructions in that district. She completed her Apprenticeship Confirmation classes at the schloss, though her Belting Ceremony was held at her home village.

Haiku has completed her Journeyman Contract, which is not particularly remarkable for someone who apprenticed as early as she did. Her apprenticeship contract obligations completed, she sought a contract to keep her within the House, but as far from the Head of House as possible. There not being an open position locally, she was sent to assist the district assistant magistrate, who was serving abroad in Steelhead.

She is in her early twenties, and this is her first assignment outside of her home district.

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