Character Reference

Characters in Steelhead City

This is the character reference page for all the people who live in, interact with, and travel through Steelhead. They are "characters" Some are alternative accounts (alts), some are fictional (created by roleplaying storytellers), some hail from popular fiction, some from history (counterfactuals). Some have passed on to other realms. All of them have contributed to Steelhead's story.

Guidance on Character Stubs
Wold Newton Universe


TotalLunar Eclipse
Tensai Hilra
Fuzzball Ortega
Kattryn Severine
Hotspur O'Toole
Dr. Malegatto Alter
Lady Eva Bellambi
Forelle Broek
Linus Lacombe
HeadBurro Antfarm
Ryne Beck
Angelica Trescothick
Purdie Uggla
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach
Annechen Lowey
VelesJaeger Munster
Birdsan Weezles
Rengerin Skytower
Wolfgang Muircastle
Amarantis Belfire
G√ľnstling Messenger
Mary Haiku

Departed for Other Lands

Darien Mason

Fictional Characters created by residents

Hsieh Lieng
Anya Ortegavich
Angus GlitterRoch
LCDR Dorien Lamunda
LCDR James Montgomery Messmer (deceased)
Mother Superior
The Steelhead Deputies
Willard The Rat
Sid Weezul
Caroline Parks

Fictional Characters from popular culture references

Fu Manchu (Wold Newton)
James Bigglesworth (Wold Newton)
Sir Denis Nayland Smith (Wold Newton)
'Paladin' (Wold Newton)

Historical Characters in Counterfactual Context

Frederick Ward
Henry Burgrevine
Charles Gordon
Pavel Ignatieff
Friedrich Engels
Alan Pinkerton
David Lloyd George

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