Linus Lacombe

Name (current): Linus Lacombe
Known Aliases: Peter Linus Lacombe (Name legally changed to “Linus Lacombe”)
Known Relatives: Honorius and Artemissa (VanDoren) Lacombe (parents) Siblings: Anacletus Clement “Clete” Lacombe; Evaristus Alexander “Ev” Lacombe; Xystus Telesphorus “Xys” Lacombe; Hyginia Pia “Ginny” Lacombe-VanPattersonPatton, Countess of Noord-Brabant; Anicetus Soter “Nic” Lacombe
Place Of Birth: Missouri
Occupation: Writer, Teacher … Actor (?)

Linus Lacombe was born in Missouri many a long year ago. His parents were Honorius and Artemissa VanDoren Lacombe. On his father's side, he is half French, and half Scottish (from the line of Kincaid). On his mother's side, he inherited a mixture of backgrounds: Dutch, German, English, Irish, and so on. His full birth name was Peter Linus Lacombe, but he dropped his first name early in life. Not only did he prefer the alliterative sound of "Linus Lacombe," but he also felt that Pope St. Linus was sort of tragically unknown, despite the fact that he immediately succeeded Pope St. Peter in the papal line of succession. Lacombe moved about the world, before arriving in Steelhead in March of last year (2009). He was looking at the attire in Doc Wrangler's store in Steelhead, and when he had looked around for a while at the town, he found it quite inviting. He soon contacted owner-manager TotalLunar Eclipse about acquiring domicile in Steelhead, and not much later, he found himself a part of the community. By trade, Lacombe has done a number of things, including teaching and writing. Lacombe is often seen "hooing" at town meetings and dancing the night away at the weekly town dances, along with his other Steelhead comrades. Lacombe is also a member of the Steeltopia Consortium for Scientific endeavors, a project of Steeltopia Emperor SteelCobra Calamari. In this organization, Lacombe functions in a general role as a scientist, but also acts more specifically as an investigator of the paranormal. Of great interest to Lacombe is researching the construction of mechanical apparatuses for use in communicating with spirits, spectres, spooks, ghosts and other supernatural beings. Not limiting his social circle to Steelhead alone, however, Lacombe has found valued friends and acquaintances in the other Steamlands as well as he finds his place within Steelhead society.

His family deserves a bit more explanation than has thus far been presented. Though he neither sees nor hears from them very often, they are colorful characters. Honorius Lacombe was a New York City bruiser in his youth, but at age 18 won Tammany Hall (no not the political machine, the building they met in) in a craps game with the city's mayor. He quickly sold it back to the political machine and used the money to head west and to his fortune there. In St. Louis, he met Artemissa VanDoren, daughter of a local merchant. All their children were born in St Louis, and named after popes. Clete Lacombe went to the Michigan Conservatory of Music, and became a sucessful song-writer. He is especially well known for the song, "My Caledon Rose left me for a Clank with a Stipend." Ev Lacombe became a dirt farmer in Iowa (he actually grows dirt) and deliberately adopted a fake Alabama accent to throw off bill collectors. Xys Lacombe was a scientist known for creating the Lacombe Bed, which is much like the Murphy bed but spring loaded. Xys died soon after patenting the device: the bed smooshed closed and he suffocated. Ginny Lacombe's marriage came as a bit of a shock to him, as told by his brother Ev in a telegram: she married Count Adolpus VanPatteronPatton ("some fancy-pants Persian or Prussian or colonel or something"), who took her back to Europe with him ("Drug Ginny clean across the ocean over to Persia or Prussia or some dang place") where she assumed her noble duties as Countess of Noord-Brabant but without taking an active role in governing or politics ("sets 'round on her hoity toity royal hind-end all the live long day I tell ya Linus"). Nic moved to Vermont and became the greatest translator of Sorbian language prose the state had ever seen. Honorius and Artimissa are still around, and live in Olney Illinois. They came to live there during a knife throwing contest. A little tipsy, Honorius was throwing the knives at his wife, who stood in front of a map, as they played their favorite party game at a tea party held in St. Louis high-society. "Hey Artie…" he said to her, reeling in laughter and drink, "wherever this thing sticks in the map next we are gonna move there." The knife hit Olney, Ills. The others at the tea-party were quite tired of such shenanigans every time they had a fancy party, and before the two had sobered up, the party-goers had gathered at the couple's home, packed up a wagon with all their things on it, and sent it on to Olney.

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