Lady Eva Bellambi

Full Name: Eva Brìghde Bellambi

Known Aliases: The Duchess (particularly among the Knights of the Order of the Red Rose and the agents of MI-5), The Lady B (Fleet of Wrath Exiles and Steelhead Fleet), The White Lady (healer), Professor (Royal Society for the Advancement in Natural Sciences)

Known Relatives: James Fraser Bellambi (father), Claire Randall Bellambi (mother), Gabrielle Riel (first cousin), Edward Pearse (distant cousin), Christine McAllister (distant cousin by marriage)

Occupation: Eva is a multifaceted woman. Lady Chief of her Clan; 2nd Duchess of Loch Avie; Head, MI-5; Commander in the Fleet of Wrath Exiles; Fellow of the Royal Society; distiller of fine whisky; healer

Current Home: Caisteal Teanacadh, Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne

Languages: English, Gaelic, Latin, French, Esperanto, and Cherokee


Eva Brìghde Bellambi was born in the Duchy of Loch Avie, Caledon. As a young lady she was encouraged to be an independent and critical thinker. This sometimes frustrated her ancient tutor as he counseled the Duke and Duchess to increase control of their daughter. Her fiery-haired father only laughed as he looked down his often-broken nose at the man. "Nay, I willna stop her from thinking for herself, man. She is a Bellambi and someday she will be called upon to lead the clan."

Lady Eva was trained in weapons use and intelligence skills by her father as she was his only heir. James Fraser Bellambi was a very tall and broadly built, red-headed man who felt a strong desire to ensure that his petite daughter could handle herself should he - or any other male member of the clan - not be around to protect her from danger. Eva trained with many weapons, but much to her father's joy, took to the sword with the most skill. The Duke also discovered and cultivated Eva's interest in investigational work and solution creation.

An apt student, she continued her training even as she began her formal education abroad. Upon returning to the Duchy, Lady Eva polished her leadership skills under the watchful eyes of both parents and began to learn the family's whisky distilling processes. Her mother further instructed her in the healing arts, which has been something that the women of the clan have long practiced.

It was just after the sudden death of both parents in a fire while they were traveling in the American south, that the new Duchess of Loch Avie first learned of Steelhead. After she saw the Clan back into some semblance of normalcy and felt that the Duchy was secure, she traveled to this new land. She found it to be most pleasant - a community of good souls. Hard workers and folks who know how to have fun together. A friendship and alliance were deeply formed.

Lady Eva left Loch Avie during the terrible Open Space debacle and now makes her primary residence on the Isle of Skye, Winterfell Anodyne, in her paternal grandmother's ancient clan home. Eva remains an estate manager for all of Caledon and the sims affiliated with Roatan.

She established the Order of the Red Rose at Beltane in 2007 with three Knights inducted into the order: Sir Telemachus Dean, Sir Adso Krogstad, and Sir ZenMondo Wormser. She also sponsored the First Caledon Lancers - Loch Avie's Own - now known as the Lancers of Skye. Exrex Somme and Hotspur O'Toole of the Lancers are members of her clan. Lady Eva is the head of the Steamlands MI-5, which was created during the Neualtenburg War with Caledon in order to coordinate military and intelligence efforts. She is active with the Fleet of Wrath Exiles as the ranking intelligence officer.

Though not a landed citizen of Steelhead, Lady Eva feels quite at home there and feels bound to this community and her citizens.

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