Hotspur O Toole

Full Name: Eoin Padraig O'Toole
Known Aliases: Hotspur, the Hotspur (formalized speech for dueling in Northern tribes), Big-Nose (in Celestial Kingdom), Teague, Fiodr Ramsonov (in Russia), Ulrich Von Bek (Low Countries, German states), "Mr. Anolini" (Venice Underground), The Bloody Lance (Khyber Pass, Afghathen nistan), Mister Death (the Black Ocean society), The Red One (in berserk state), Rides before the Wind (various Apache tribes), "Sam Arnold" (the American South Mexico).

Known Relatives: Fintan Padraig O'Toole (father, deceased), Fanny Bright O'Toole (mother, nee Duberly, also deceased). Jervis O'Toole (uncle), Darragh McCeever (cousin), Kitty O'Toole (cousin), Shannon O'Toole (cousin), Knuckles O'Toole (cousin), Death O'Toole (cousin) (many more cousins, H. being the singular example of an only child in a very prolific tribe)

Occupation: Commodore, The Fleet of Wrath Exiles, LTC (Reserve) Regiment of Lancers of Skye.
Current Home: Steelhead City, Oregon, USA
Languages Pushtu, Urdu, Pidgin, Gaelic, English, French, German, Mandarin, Latin


born to Major Fintan O'Toole (Inniskillings) and Fanny Bright O'Toole. Mother died in childbirth, raised by Uncle Jervis O'Toole when fatLher posted to India. Packed off to Jesuit School at age 7, then Dominican Monastery. Voluntarily left monastery at age 17, applied to Uncle for sponsorship for a commission, rejected. Signed up for Army of the British East India Company, transferred to the Guides at Lucknow, India. Many adventures as member of the Guides, worked with junior political officer Bennett Parkinson and Army Captain Exrex Somme to subdue wild hill tribes. Met Frederick Townsend Ward on recruiting expedition, Cawnpore. Resigned commission (some say, illegally), and journeyed to the Celestial Kingdom to take service in the Ever Victorious Army as a subaltern. Commanded a strike force of marines on the famous Yalu River campaign, there encountered the young Hsieh Lieng, the future "Dragon who Waits", leading revolutionary student faction for the Warlords. Marked his face in a melee, setting up events twenty years later. After Ward died in ambush, tried to bring charges against Burgrevine but they would not be heard. Left the Celestial Kingdom for Europe, for service in the Army of Prussia's Intelligence Command (as Von Bek), infiltrating the Admiralty of Russia in major intelligence coup. Served overseas again, in the Americas, as a cavalry lancer for Emperor Maximilian during his war of Conquest in Central America (as 'Sam Arnold'). Tried prospecting in the diamond mines in Rhodesia, and failed. Shipwrecked on Atlantic Crossing, landed in land of Calleta. Found by Colonel Exrex Somme, brought to Independent Nation of Caledon. Took part in sabotage and double agent missions during the NeuAltenberg War, taken on in MI-5 as field officer. As MI-5 operative very active in gathering intelligence on other Nations for "The Duchess". Created the Middlesea Fleet of Sea-Fencibles, which disbanded after ten months of hard fighting. Signed the Pact of Cape Wrath, creating the "Fleet of Wrath Exiles", sailing east to take new service in the land of Roatan. Resides in Steelhead City and Roatan. Recently kidnapped from Steelhead City by men working for Hsieh Lieng, taken to Fusang, Lieng's capital. Escaped, led strike force of Bandits and Army of Progressive Peace soldiers to defeat Lieng. Body severely damaged in confrontation, is currently recuperating at the Palace of Fusang.

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