Guenstling Messenger

Name (current): Günstling Messenger
Known Aliases: Guns
Known Relatives: [CLASSIFIED]
Place Of Birth: an unnamed village in the Bistriţa district
Occupation: batman (currently assigned to Baron Klaus Wulfenbach), Authorized Sensitive Records Courier
Current Home: Shanghai District, Steelhead City


Günstling is from a small village up in the hills near the Cuşma River, a tributary of the Bistriţa River which forks just upstream from the town of the same name. The area has no industrial centers to speak of: light forestry, raspberries and other fruit crops, hazelnuts, grain crops, and some animal husbandry. This may have allowed them to miss some of the destruction during the Other War and subsequent chaos which had damaged Bistrita so badly. The local harvest fairs are favored for preserves, palinka and embroidery.

Although his parents are looked to by the locals as leaders - making trade deals in the city, organising community labour projects and help for those shorthanded - Günstling himself had a more studious bent. As a young man, Günstling had aquired no interest in farming or forestry, and was able to read and write well enough to pass the civil service examinations.

His resemblance to a certain Gilgamesh Wulfenbach was noted by a senior official, and he was transferred to the personal security division. He was groomed as one of many decoys, received defensive combat training, and is versed in the investigative techniques of the Questers. After a few harrowing episodes following the younger Wulfenbach's return from Paris, Günstling has been placed on standby as far as decoy service is concerned.

When Baron Wulfenbach burned our yet another personal assistant, Günstling was transferred to Steelhead and the Baron's personal retinue. His past work as a decoy and certification as a sensitive records courier means he also handles the Baron's family correspondence. There are rumors that Günstling may be a distant cousin to the Wulfenbachs. He is the ranking clerk of the Consulate staff, but does not make use of the position, preferring to leave management of the clerk's den to the office manager.

His travel times in the courier circuit have improved markedly since he began courting Miss Eugenia Burton.

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