Goodunnit? by Dr Ryne Beck

The Story: When a body turns up in Dr Alter’s pet Squiddy Thing, The sherriff calls in Dr Beck to see what killed the poor sap inside. Pretty soon more bodies are piling up and Steelhead’s latest doctor has gone all hard-bolied noir over the case. Throw in another body found by the scamps in the tunnels beneath the city, a smattering of beautiful nuns, some smuggling by the local Bing Kong Tong & a John Doe called John Doe and you have all the makings of a ruddy good Goodunnit!

Players: Ryne Beck. Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega, Dr Malegatto Alter, Sister Sweetcheeks, Sister Mattic, Shalmendo Glineux.

Links to other tales: The first part of this tale (chapters 1 to 8) followed on from The Mysterious Note. The second part (chapters 9 onwards) continued after a short break. Also, Dr Alter covered some aspects on her blog.

Notes: Originanlly this tale was started by Fuzz as his contibution to Steelhead’s Mystery Month in November 2009. My involvement in the tale ended with Chapter 8, but then in early 2010 I worked with Fuzz to develop a close to the tale. It's worth pointing out that I adpoted a Phillip Marlow-esque style for this tale, just for fun - PI noir isn't Steelhead's normal style, but it gave people a few grins in this tale :-D

Link to Story Archive: All the Goodunnit? posts can be found here on my blog and here on the Steelhead Ning.

Dates: November 2009 to May 2010.

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