Fuzzball Ortega

Full Name: Demetri Ezekial Fuzzball Ortegavich
Known Aliases: Demetrius Ezekial Ortegavich; Fuzzball Ortega; Fenris' Bane (Tribal Name)
Known Relatives: Anastasia Ilyana "Anya" Ortegavich (Daughter); Piotr Ladislav Ortegavich (Father); Ilyana Radmilla Rasslonis-Ortegavich (Mother); Angelica, Mira, Marika, Nadia, Vesna, Svetlana (Sisters); Miroslav, Boris, Casimir, Joraslav, Ladislav, Dragan (Brothers); Rasslonis (Ancestor, Deceased); Purdie Uggla ("Distant" cousin), Unnamed Grandparents (Deceased); Lon Ortegavich (Uncle, Deceased)
Place Of Birth: Dragraz Village, Moldavia
Occupation: Sheriff
Current Home: Steelhead City, Oregon, USA

Fuzzball Ortega is an avatar found in Second Life. Since his "rez day" he has made his home in Steelhead City. He's the Second Life brother of Angelica Trescothick. In Steelhead, he serves in a middle management position, with the title of sheriff. He sometimes works as a Second Life DJ, and is the main focus of the Steelhead Adventures story.

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