Free City Of New Babbage

"New Babbage is a sooty northern industrial City-Nation of the steampunk imagination, loosely based on the era of 1830 to 1890. The City is home to an active roleplay community, but RP is 100% optional here. Tourists are a common sight and are welcomed. The City has a rich history dating back to an earlier clockwork technological period, hinted at but largely unexplored."

— Deputy Mayor Aeolius Cleanslate

There are many crossovers between Steelhead City and New Babbage, as well as citizens with duel citizenship. The recent tumult in New Babbage when the evil minions of Dr. Obolensky attempted to take over the city featured many prominent Steelheadians engaged in the fight with Obolensky's forces. That story can be viewed HERE (select "The Overthrow!").

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