Forelle Broek

Full Name: Forelle Broek
Known Aliases: Feivel Berelsohn (Yiddish — birth name); František Bříza (Czech); Ferencz Bartók (Hungarian)
Known Relatives: Warren Daines, a/k/a Valtr Danielovich (cousin); Sigmund Zeisler (nephew; lawyer in Chicago, IL); Gustav Mahler (cousin; composer & conductor, Vienna, Austria-Hungary); Sigmund Freud (cousin; physician, Vienna, Austria-Hungary); Viktor Adler (cousin; Socialist politician, Austria-Hungary); Karl Kautsky (cousin; Marxist theoretician and socialist politician, Germany [born Prague, Bohemia]); Judah Löwe ben Bezalel (great7-grandfather, deceased; 16th century Rabbi, Prague, Bohemia); Alois Berelsohn (father, deceased); Louisa (Luria) Berelson, (mother, deceased); Anna (Berelsohn) Zeisler (sister; Chicago, IL)
Occupation: Attorney; Labor Organizer
Current Home: Steelhead Harborside, Oregon, USA

Forelle Broek was born July 4, 1830, the eldest child of Alois Berelsohn, a baker, and his wife Louisa (née Luria), in Strakonice, South Bohemia (fez-making capital of the world).

At age 18, Forelle left home for Prague to study law at the Charles University. However, he soon abandoned his studies to join in the fighting that erupted during the Revolution of 1848. It is rumored that he was involved in assassination attempts against Habsburg Emperor Ferdinand and his successor Franz Joseph. In 1849, he moved to Hungary to support the independent government of Lajos Kossuth. When the Monarchy regained control in Hungary, Forelle fled with Kossuth, first to Turkey, then to England, and finally to America.

During the U.S. Civil War, Forelle volunteered as an infantryman in the Union Army, taking to drink after witnessing the unspeakable carnage. After the war, he settled in Philadelphia, where he finally completed his legal studies at the University of Pennsylvania and took up the practice of law. In 1876, he represented coal miners in northeast Pennsylvania accused of killing a policeman as part of a Molly Maguire plot. During the trial, he gained the enmity of the Pinkerton Detective Agency for his harsh cross-examination of the prosecution's lead witness, Pinkerton agent James McParland.

After losing the Molly Maguire case and seeing his clients hanged, Forelle abandoned the practice of law and became a special assistant to Terence Powderly, Mayor of Scranton and leader of the Knights of Labor. In 1886, Powderly sent him to Marshall, Texas to help coordinate the Missouri Pacific Railroad strike. When the strike collapsed, he fled, one step ahead of Mr. Jay Gould and his Pinkerton agents. After a brief stay in Chicago, where he assisted his nephew, Sigmund Zeisler in representing the Haymarket defendants, Forelle moved west to California, where he helped organize railway and timber workers.

In 1890, after once again attracting the unwanted attention of the Pinkertons as a result of his labor activity in California, he fled once more, finding refuge in the quiet hamlet of Steelhead.

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