Far From Home by HeadBurro Antfarm

Far From Home

The Story: At the end of “Lost & Found” a badly burnt HBA hovered between life and death. Whilst his body was tended in Caledon’s Sanatorium, his mind wandered in the company of Shade, a disembodied voice in a strange city. In Shade it becomes apparent that he must flee a terrible event that is destroying the world, whilst in Caledon many eyes watch over him and not all of them are benevolent. The race is on to escape Shade and the clutches of a Caledon killer.

Players: HeadBurro Antfarm, Amarantis Belfire, Shade, Ward Sister Grace, Nurse Rain, Doctor Roundtree, The Scientist.

Links to other tales: What happened to HBA is told in Lost and Found

Notes: Shade was based on one of the first Blue Mars cities and the Great Erase is taken from the wonderful work of Salazar Jack - read more on his Kahruvel Site.

Link to Story Archive: Lost & Found is here on HBA's Blog

Dates: October 2009 to January 2010.

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