Dr Malegatto Alter

Full Name: Dr Malegatto Eloise Alter
Known Aliases: ETK, Evil Tiny Kitty, Shanghai Kitty, Western Fang
Known Relatives: Giancarlo Alter (father—deceased), Henrietta "Fluffy" Alter (mother), Prudence "Muffy" Alter (sister), Bob ("cousin")
Occupation: Evil genius, criminal mastermind, mad scientist and the Western Fang of the shadowy Hidden Paw organization/criminal syndicate
Current Home: Steelhead Port Harbor, Oregon, USA (warehouses) and Caledon Tamrannoch (laboratory)
Known Minions: Cato Quan, Asrei Foden, Pilot Sopwith, BonkerZClamper Blackheart

Dr Alter is also referred to as the "Evil Tiny Kitty/ETK" and the leader of the Western branch of Hidden Paw. Bored with the lifestyle of her aristocat mother Fluffy and dimwitted twin sister Muffy, she set out to see the world with her father, Giancarlo, a rogueish, noted feline inventor and explorer. They travelled together until his untimely demise high in the Himalayas at the Snow Leopard Temple, which was also how she lost her first life. He, however, had unfortunately been on his ninth. That led to her being discovered by Hidden Paw—which she will only admit that it involved training, the loss of her second life, and once again, the life of someone dear to her.

Dr Alter attended Sturm und Drang University, where she specialized in Theoretical Chemistry and Aether Engineering. She was called upon to return to Hidden Paw and became involved in a few "things"—one of them being the "Minion Incident", which led to the loss of life #3 and why she currently sports a prosthetic left forearm. After a few campaigns involving a renegade Colonel, killer tomatoes and food leftovers, and other unspeakable things, she ended up spending some time in the Caledon Sanitorium. She escaped by instigating the Great Uprising, sparked by promising a rather psychotic pink bunny many, many carrots.

Dr Alter returned to her experiments and lab in Caledon and has a warehouse in Steelhead Port Harbor, where she mostly spends her time. Dr. Darien Mason saved her life after a lab accident, which causes her to have a reaction every full moon from the reanimation serum's effect on her genes and shapeshifting ability. She is reclusive as she is often busy in her workshop, but visits Willard the Rat in the Steelhead Jail once a week to chat. She "tries" not to level Steelhead to the ground…but can not make any promises. The only promise she has made is telling The Elf that she would not eat the seals under the pier.

If you would like to know more, do peruse her journal HERE.

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