Darien Mason

Full Name: Dr. Darien James Mason
Known Aliases: BlackHat-1 (Capper Brigade); The Dollmaker; The Seventh Son
Known Relatives: Bloodwing (demon ancestor); Aleister (vampiric ancestor); Jeremiah (clone-father); Rachel (mother, deceased); Marcus (clone-brother); Koen (son); Qlippothic Projects/Qli-3/Gematria (daughter); Qli-2 (daughter); Ash (son); Amarantis Belfire (daughter)
Occupation: Veteran, Former Deputy, Sheriff, and Council Member of Steelhead, Former Chief Resident of Caledon Regency Hospital, Owner of Mason Labs, Explorer/Adventurer, Captain of The Clockwork Caravel
Current Home: The Clockwork Caravel

He was a Spark and inheritor of his family's Bloodwing Curse, which was lifted when the demon's heart was broken. He was inventor of the Galvanic Tesseractor, a time travel device that can only be used safely by his construct children Ash and Gematria. He built an aethership called the Gygax, that was destroyed but later rebuilt.

Darien, Ash and Gematria were nearly captured by an evil world-controlling cabal (Linden Labs) but they escaped on board the Gygax II, renamed the Clockwork Caravel. They still maintain communications with Steelhead from orbit while exploring other worlds.

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