Creaky Gloom By Dr Ryne Beck Various

The Story: When the Scamps fled the Fae Purge of New Babbage, they weren’t the only ones to arrive in Steelhead - the child-eating sluagh Creaky Groom followed. Dr Beck offered his help to catch the monster, but when one of the Chinese children is snatched from Shanghai’s slums the real horror of Creaky Gloom hits home and seeds a path that will take him to some very dark, dangerous places…

Players: Ryne Beck, Mara Razor, The Steelhead Scamps, Creaky Gloom.

Links to other tales: This tale intertwines with Steal Head, Creaky Gloom & Gang Wars.

Notes: Started by the incoming Scamps and Fae, I was only involved on the periphery but when the story used a child from the slums I saw a chance to start Dr Beck on a longer story arc.

Link to Story Archive: Creaky Gloom is here on HBA's Blog and on the Steelhead Ning.

Dates: November 2009 to January 2010.

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