Birdsan Weezles

Name (current): Birdsan Weezles
Known Aliases: Birdie; Birdsan Weezles-Timeless
Known Relatives: Augustus Timeless (husband); Annechen Lowey (sister-in-law); Amarantis Belfire (niece); Wolfgang Muircastle (nephew)
Place Of Birth: unknown village in the hillcountry near Mechanicsburg
Occupation: Sergeant in the Jägermonster Corps
Current Home: Steelhead Harbourside


The woman that would become Birdsan Weezles started life as the daughter of an innkeeper who worked as a barmaid in the family inn from late childhood upwards. She left home to avoid an arranged marriage, by disappearing from the village dressed as a boy. she then pulled a "Mary Read" and enlisted in the army. She was still maintaining her identity as male when given the Jagerbrau.

When she was first promoted to sergeant, she was demoted three hours later and the city guard requested she leave Paris (anyone not a Jaegermonster would have been forcibly expelled). In response to a strongly worded request from the Master of Paris, her current orders include that she not be assigned within a days' run (as measured by the Jaegercorps) of the city center. The specified physical damages were listed at over 2,500 Castlemarks (adjusted for exchange rates and diplomatic inflation).

Her next promotion to sergeant decades later appeared to be stable, maintained for over a year, until she was assigned to the bodyguard unit of the Fifty House Liaison. The attache was attending the art festival in Monaco, which was organized to celebrate the engagement of the heir of the House of Grimaldi. Details are sketchy, as many eyewitnesses were drinking heavily, but the engagement was called off the morning after the grand presentation ball. The sergeant and the heir were reportedly found on the roof of the cathedral at dawn, the prince wearing only his horse's bridle. Prince Miguel never married, and until his assassination (current investigation indicates his estranged fiancee took care of it herself), his letters to Sgt Weezles were shipped as cargo due to weight.

She was shipped off to the Consular Mission mostly to get her out of the sight of the Fifty Families of Europa, and has since re-attained the rank of Sergeant for duties performed while in the Steamlands

She met her husband at a dance in Club Gearz, thankfully without incidental personnel injuries or property damage. He won her over in spite of a lifelong vow never to marry nor to be tied to one man. Reports that she keeps him chained to the bed are unfounded, and we really do not want to know.

Distinguishing Features
~ turquoise-blue skin
~ long bright scarlet hair, often worn in a tight up-do
~ large turquoise eyes with a vertical slit pupil
~ fangs

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