Baron Klaus Wulfenbach

Name (current): Klaus Wulfenbach
Known Aliases: None
Known Relatives: Gilgamesh Wulfenbach (son); unknown wife
Place Of Birth: Village of Wulfenbach, Transylvania
Occupation: Ruler of Europa, diplomat, scientist
Current Home: The Castle Wulfenbach, Europa; and Kittiwick Town, Caledon

Klaus Wulfenbach was one of three sons born to the the ruling Baron and Baroness of the small Transylvanian Sachsen barony sharing their family name. At some point, a dreadful accident caused his effective death and resurrection as a construct, his body having to be rebuilt almost completely. This did not affect his Spark - the gift of intuitive leaps and a peculiar sort of brilliance which allows the gifted to warp the laws of physics in their obsessive pursuit of their goals. The Baron's own Spark is unusual; instead of a clear focus on building machinery or creating new biological forms, he has the gift of analysis and synthesis; it allows him to study the work of others, which he then adapts and improves for his own use.

After a long and gory sequence of events, the Baron pacified Europa to keep it from complete self-destruction. This put him in the unfortunate position of ruling an empire, and sticking his son Gilgamesh with the job of succeeding him. This had the equally unfortunate effect of keeping him too busy to conduct his own research as consistently as he might wish, but provided sufficient tax monies to staff dozens of labs studying many different subjects to improve life in Europa.

The Transdimensional Lab managed to discover and stabilize a gateway to a world which looked unscathed by the decades of war Europa had suffered. After much testing to determine its amicability to un-armored life, and over the protests of his executive secretary Boris Dolokhov, Baron Wulfenbach stepped through the gateway to conduct his own explorations - only to find word of Europa had reached this land called "Caledon" already. Somehow, serial releases of a popularized history from Europa had crossed the dimensions and were being enjoyed as fiction in Caledon and other lands.

The Baron decided to take advantage of this familiarity, and instead of solo exploration, he recruited brave staffmembers to cross over and help him set diplomatic missions. First with Caledon, then with its neighbor Winterfell and close ally Steelhead, then other steamlands as he became acquainted with them. Due to developing close friendships in Steelhead in particular, he also serves as a Steelhead Ambassador on the council advising the Managers.

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