Anya Ortegavich

Full Name: Anastasia Ilyana Ortegavich
Known Aliases: Anya
Known Relatives: Fuzzball Ortega (Father); Valerie Greene (Mother, Deceased); Piotr Ladislav Ortegavich (Grandfather); Ilyana Radmilla Rasslonis-Ortegavich (Grandmother); Angelica, Mira, Marika, Nadia, Vesna, Svetlana (Aunts); Miroslav, Boris, Casimir, Joraslav, Ladislav, Dragan (Uncles); Rasslonis (Ancestor, Deceased); Purdie Uggla ("Distant" cousin), Unnamed Great Grandparents (Deceased); Lon Ortegavich (Great Uncle, Deceased); TotalLunar Eclipse (Godfather); Kattryn Severine (Godmother)
Place of Birth: Unknown
Occupation: Student, only six years old
Current Home: Steelhead City, Oregon USA

Anya Ortegavich is a character featured in Steelhead Adventures, the daughter of Fuzzball Ortega. Although she is not represented by an avatar within Second Life, most roleplayers in Steelhead City mention her, as part of the Steelhead City storyline continuity.

Anya was conceived during a night of passion between Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega and Valerie Greene. Her mother had left Steelhead late one night, leaving Fuzz with a note simply saying, "I'm sorry". Valerie did not know that a child was conceived that night. Nine months later, while living in Chicago, Valerie gave birth to their daughter, naming her Anastasia, but nicknaming her Anya, after a Russian friend she once knew.

For six years, Anya never knew who her father was. She also was not aware of her mother's greed for power. She traveled with her mother, not realizing that Valerie had been stealing money and artifacts from places that they visited. On a trip to Steelhead, the train was derailed, Anya was injured, but as they arrived in Steelhead, her injuries had quickly healed. That fact, and the slight point of the ears had a few Steelheaders realizing that she was the daughter of Ortega.

Valerie was finally confronted by Fuzz about the matter, and she admitted that Anya was, in fact, Fuzz's daughter. Something Fuzz was able to tell right away. Anya was also revealing heightened senses at an early age, able to catch Fuzz's scent and find him. She found herself deserted in Steelhead by her mother, who had left to Caledon to steal the Cross of Caledon. Her mother died during that theft.

Fuzz tried to explain that her mother was not always a bad person, that there was some good in her. The words, however, were hard for him to make, as his dealing with children were few and far between. Anya asked him if he was her father, to which he replied that he was, and she hugged him. She now lives in Steelhead, with her father, as they teach each other to be a family.

At first, living in Steelhead was difficult for her, but the citizens all joined in to help her. In particular, Wolfgang Muircastle, son of Annechen Lowey, helped her in school. She also had help from TotalLunar Eclipse, whom Fuzz asked to be her godfather, and Kattryn Severine, her godmother. Her favorite people to visit are Tensai Hilra, Lady Christine McAllister-Pearse and her aunt, Angelica Trescothick. She also has a fondess for Willard The Rat.

Additional Info

Like her father, Anya has a quick healing factor, a result of being descended from a Time Lord. Although she has yet to reach the age of becoming a full Lycan, she has shown to have heightened senses.

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