Annechen Lowey

Full Name: Annechen Sofia Loewenstein
Known Aliases:Annechen Lowey
Known Relatives: Sergeant Griggs (husband); Wolfgang Muircastle (son); Alexandra Belfire (sister, deceased); Aeofe Belfire (mother); Claudiu Lowenstein (father, deceased); Amarantis Belfire (daughter)
Occupation: Vice Consul of the Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach
Current Home: Kittiwickshire, Caledon

Annechen Lowey was born in Mechanicsburg, Transylvania to a family with generations of minions in service to House Heterodyne. Although she is not gifted with the Spark - that is, with extraordinary scientific inspiration (or at least so she firmly states) - she was still drawn to the sciences and research. After studying at Transylvania Polygnostic University in Beetleburg, Transylvania, and a short session at Oxford College of Non-Intuitive Mechanics in Great Britain, she was eventually taken into the service of Baron Klaus Wulfenbach. When the dimensional gateway between Europa and the grid was discovered by the Baron's scientists, she was chosen to assist the Baron in exploring this strange new dimension.

Her husband, Sergeant Griggs, joined her briefly in Caledon, but seemed to poorly adjust to peacetime living and has since returned to field duty. He has not been heard from for many months.

Their son, Wolfgang Muircastle, has been transferred from the maximum security preparatory school in Edinburgh to the school for the dependents of those in the Baron's service. Mrs. Lowey oversees the Europan curriculum school, which is currently based in Steelhead, and is open to the residents of Steelhead.

Mrs. Lowey's work duties include managing the consulate staff and organizing events.

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