Angelica Trescothick

Full Name: Angelika Daniella Contessa Ortegavich-Tresocthick
Known Aliases: Angelica Trescothick, Angela Turell, Angel O'Day, Angel O'Harlem, Geri Dorsey
Known Relatives: Piotr Ladislav Ortegavich (Father); Ilyana Radmilla Rasslonis-Ortegavich (Mother); Thomas Trescothick (Husband-Deceased); Mira, Marika, Nadia, Vesna, Svetlana (Sisters); Fuzzball, Miroslav, Boris, Casimir, Joraslav, Ladislav, Dragan (Brothers); Anastasia Ilyana "Anya" Ortegavich (Niece); Rasslonis (Ancestor, Deceased); Purdie Uggla ("Distant" cousin), Unnamed Grandparents (Deceased); Lon Ortegavich (Uncle, Deceased)
Place Of Birth: Dragraz Village, Moldavia
Occupation: Performer; Agent for Pinkerton Intelligence
Current Home: Mostly on the move

Angelica Trescothick is an avatar found in Second Life. She is the Second Life sister of Fuzzball Ortega. She is also a major character in the Steelhead Adventures stories. In world, she can be found at various SL clubs, working as a DJ.

Angelica was born Angelika Daniella Contessa Ortegavich to Piotr and Ilyana Ortegavich in the Dragraz Village in the country of Moldavia. The second of 13 children. Growing up, she and her older brother, Fuzz, were very close, and on more than one occasion, each had gotten the other in trouble with their parents, and other authoritive figures around the village. Despite the mischief, she and her brother would also take responsibility and help their parents in raising their siblings.

When she was 17, the throne of Moldavia was overthrown by the villainous Jobias Barthelmess. Barthelmess had sent his followers to execute all that were not human (Lycans, elves, tinies, furries, gnomes, and assorted other folk of magik). Angelica assisted in hiding the creatures in the Black Forest of Moldavia, while Fuzz joined the resistance to overthrow Jobias and place the rightful ruler on the throne.

When she was 19, an American, Thomas Trescothick, came into the village. He and Angelica quickly became acquainted, and soon, she fell in love. Piotr was angered by this and refused his daughter to see the American. Later that night, Angelica left the house, claiming to run a late errand. She was never seen, again.

Angelica ran away with Trescothick, and found out that he was an agent of Pinkerton Intelligence, one of several secret organizations who's purpose was to protect their respective countries and the sometimes the world, from evil. Finding out how resourceful the young woman was, Trescothick arranged for Angelica to join Pinkertons, first the public detective agency, then, as she quickly proved herself to be extremely reliable, she was promoted to the intelligence division. She and Trescothick had also gotten married.

Some years later, although details of the incident have not been revealed, Thomas was killed while on duty. Angelica continued to work as an agent of the agency, quickly becoming one of the most reliable. A few years later, Angelica learned of her older brother being held in Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania for murder, an act which happened out of self defense. Using her connections within Pinkerton's, she arranged for him to be released and the charges to be wiped clean, as if it had never happened. At the time, she never revealed herself to her brother, who had been searching for her all this time, and continued her work as an agent, while undercover as a performer.

It wasn't until Fuzz was appointed sheriff of Steelhead City that he and Angelica were finally reunited. Fuzz was too happy to be angry at his sister, instead feeling at peace with the years of searching. After which, the two continued to remain in contact. Angelica also had visited her parents, and the rift that was formed all those years ago, was closed, as the love of family proved to be a strong healing factor.

Angelica continued to visit Steelhead City as often as she could, gaining the respect and friendship of many of it's citizens. After the incident when Jobias had shot Fuzz with a silver bullet, she has tried to stay closer to Steelhead, when her duties at Pinkerton's allow. With her niece, Anya Ortegavich, now living with her father, Angelica has used that as an excuse to check in on her brother from time to time, although, Fuzz knows that she worries about him, and greatly appreciates his sister for caring.

Additional Info
Like Fuzz and their other siblings, Angelica is descended from a Time Lord, on their mother's side. Although none have the Time Lord physiology, they do have some Time Lord powers. Although, Angelica is only two years younger than Fuzz, she maintains a youthful look, appearing to be in her late 20's, the gift of a Time Lord's long life. She also has a quick healing factor, a left over effect from a Time Lord's regeneration ability.

She and Fuzz are known as "Adapters". Both have the ability to adapt to their surroundings. Picking up on the speech patterns, and being able to sound and act as if they're native to the area that they're in, although at times, Fuzz does tend to speak with the Moldavian accent when he gets excited.

Although she was not born a Lycan like Fuzz and six of their siblings, Angelica does have heightened senses. She has also been known to have growled a time or two when she is angered. She also knows a bit of the Wolfspeak, the ability to speak to the wolves.

Like her brother, Angelica tries to do her best and help her friends and family when a time of need arises.

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