Amarantis Belfire

Name: Amarantis Belfire
Known Aliases: Ama, Amarantis Loewenstein-Mason-Maximus-Wulfenbach-Aren't-You-Sorry-You-Asked.
Known Relatives: Parents: AlliumSativum Maximus (Da), Annechen Lowey (Mother), Darien Mason (Father), Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (Vater), VelesJaeger Munster (Papa); Siblings Wolfgang Muircastle (brother); known grandmothers: Aoefe Belfire, Rachel Mason (deceased) Trandifir (deceased); known grandfathers: Claudiu Lowenstein (deceased), Jeremiah Mason (deceased). Refer to the Mason Genealogy (Vol. 5-8) for extended family.
Place Of Birth: New Erebus
Occupation: medical intern, Council Investigator Grade 2
Current Home: Steelhead City


During the final battle at new Erebus, before the final defeat of Jeremiah Mason and the Pandorus, Amarantis occurred. Amarantis is theorized to be a battlefield doppelganger, a duplicate projection created to assist in combat. These doppelgangers normally fade as the battle ends, but she somehow gained permanence through a gestalt of the working group, her "parents". When she coalesced, she had the memories of the five in the gestalt, and spent several months trying to gain some semblance of sanity. She eventually gave that up as a bad job after meeting her parents in social situations.

Since that time, she has trained as an investigator for the Council of Clans in her grandmother's plane, been certified as a field medic, and has been completing her medical studies at the Infirmary. She passed her vivas on the first try, having the knowledge of three medical professionals to draw upon. However, she failed her practicals due to too many different techniques and spinal memories trying to control her hands. She has been retraining her neurological responses in the year since.

Curiously, these reactions did not cause problems with combat styles. She was able to train with the Council militia and later learn investigative techniques as she rose in rank.

Amarantis took a break from her studies to watch over Headburro Antfarm, who was injured while in her Father's lab, when he believed himself to be her grandfather. Her current hobbies include aerial patrols over Steelhead and haranguing medical professionals behaving badly.

Although she is a shapeshifter, doing so was difficult for her in the beginning, so she prefers her default form, since she is often travelling back and forth between her grandmother's plane and Steelhead.

Distinguishing Features
~ wingspan: 3m
~ skin: pomegranate red
~ hair:silver-white, usually worn in a topknot
~ eyes: violet
~ fangs

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