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++ The Steelhead Story Archive


This is a wikified story archive reserved for use for citizens and frequent guests of STEELHEAD CITY, in SECOND LIFE. This is meant to a supplement, not a replacement, for the Steelhead City NING, particularly the Roleplaying Discussion Threads.

One of the outcomes of recent discussions about roleplaying, or "RP", as we call it, is that roleplaying without context often kills the enjoyment of the RP for everyone. This wiki is an attempt to create a resource so that the citizens of Steelhead can understand each other's character in context.

Membership is free, and encouraged. At the very least, consider creating a character page.

Administrator Types: these people should be able to moderate, edit and handle members

  • Fuzzball Ortega
  • TotalLunar Eclipse
  • Hotspur O'Toole (spelled Otoole in world)

How to Join: if you are a member of Wikidot (also free), any of those three names can invite you directly. Otherwise, they can email invite you. Contact them in SL or on the NING with an email address.


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